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Welcome to an evening with YouTube &
Gillian O'Neil, CEO of, introduces the video content and photographs captured over a fantastic weekend with Shannon "JJ" Beherns from YouTube!
moviecom views : 5722
Kevin Ashcroft comments on & YouTube
Kevin Ashcroft enjoyed learning about, the benefits of using the platform and the low monetary cost.
moviecom views : 844
Michael Hayes comments on & YouTube
Michael Hayes - RookieOven, thinks it is fantastic that YouTube has come to Scotland, it has benefited the Scottish business community and he thanks for all of their support.
moviecom views : 742
David Flint comments on & YouTube
David Flint praises the "Scottish success story" that is & highlights the importance of video content in communicating with clients not only in the UK but worldwide.
moviecom views : 665
Mary Buchanan comments on & YouTube
Student Mary Buchanan found 'An evening with YouTube &' extremely beneficial and will use what she has learned in her coursework.
moviecom views : 548
Michael Richardson comments on & YouTube
Michael Richardson learned more about how YouTube can benefit his business, and found the DART presentation extremely uselful.
moviecom views : 480
JJ comments on & YouTube
JJ speaks about how YouTube API's can benefit your business and the importance of video in communicating your value proposition.
moviecom views : 519
Gillian O'Neil comments on & YouTube
Gillian O'Neil comments on the fantastic weekend and expresses the importance of the relationship between YouTube & integrating & sharing video in the business community.
moviecom views : 551
JJ reflecting on his time in Scotland
JJ speaks about his weekend in Scotland - "pure dead brilliant"
moviecom views : 552
Consol Efom comments on & YouTube
Consol Efomi finds a clever & a simple way to manage video content.
moviecom views : 649
Social Video Blogs
Here's some user generated footage from 'An evening with YouTube &!
moviecom views : 568
Scottish Delicacies - Deep Fried Mars Bar
As requested, Shannon "JJ" Beherns tries some a Scottish delicacy a deep fried mars bar at Glasgow Kings Café.
moviecom views : 483
Scottish Delicacies - Haggis & Irn-Bru
As requested, Shannon "JJ" Beherns tries two Scottish delicacies Haggis & Irn-Bru in Glasgow Merchant City's Brunswick hotel & restaurant.
moviecom views : 446
Our adopted Scot
The & 29studios team present Shannon "JJ" Beherns with some Scottish themed gifts.
moviecom views : 602 Pro
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