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wine tasting napa style
Gillian wine tasting napa style
moviecom views : 9534
CakeBread Napa Style
Gillian tries a cakebread wine in Napa Valley.
moviecom views : 483
goodbye google io12
today we said goodbye to google io12 and hello to our YouTube API integration with moviecom
moviecom views : 111
Gillian saying goodbye to JJ
Gillian saying goodbye to JJ from YouTube at google io12
moviecom views : 70
preparing for google io12
before the doors open at google io12 today. Gillian preparing her presentation.
moviecom views : 51
Kev O'Neil - "If you didn't film it, it didn't happen"
Kev O'Neil, founder of 29studios &, explains the importance & power of online video in todays business environment.
moviecom views : 570
Train at google io12
my favourite band of the moment Train at google #io12 after party
moviecom views : 115
Cool tech at Google IO
Fabulous flying machine that records!
moviecom views : 43
Kevoneil gets set for presenting in the sandbox get set to present the technology tomorrow at google IO 12. thanks to YouTube for the kind invitation to join you at the sandbox at Google IO12, awesome!
moviecom views : 55
Train perform live at Google IO 12
Train perform live at Marscone Centre at the Google IO after party... wow..What a treat!!! Train you were fabulous!
moviecom views : 71
Features Video
The easiest & most simple to use online video platform for business Create a customisable video site for your business. Record, centralise & share your video content instantly. Keep 100% of the revenue generated form your video site. Directly link your YouTube videos to your account.
moviecom views : 916
Gillianoneil @ apple HQ CEO down in silicon valley at Apple HQ, cupertino.
moviecom views : 119
Gillianoneil summary of Day 1 google IO
What a day! Google certainly know how to deliver a killer keynote and a futuristic after party!
moviecom views : 72
get on your bike with google
Daniel on the google bike at googleplex.
moviecom views : 52
Monday silicon valley
today we spend our day with silicon valley bank and google
moviecom views : 78
Kev ONeil summary of Google IO day 1
Amazing day and evening by Google, hear what Kevoneil from thinks of the day
moviecom views : 46
kev at google io12
kev at the google io12 in San Francisco
moviecom views : 28
The famous apple garage
Los altos... The original house of apple startup Steve jobs.
moviecom views : 33
leaving Glasgow
arrived at Glasgow airport with Gillian and Daniel on our way to San Francisco
moviecom views : 60
project glass - one day
A team within our Google[x] group started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment. Follow along with us at as we share some of our ideas and stories. We'd love to hear yours, too. What would you like to see from Project Glass?
moviecom views : 2115
Kev arriving at google io12 after party
tonight we went to a private party hosted by google
moviecom views : 37
1 infinite loop
Just had to come back to 1 infinite loop.
moviecom views : 23
bloody Mary, Laura and Gillian
Gillian and Laura taste the bloody Mary belvidere at terminal 5 heathrow.
moviecom views : 162
Kev ONeil heading to San Francisco
Heading to silicon valley with
moviecom views : 57
moviecom rocks red herring
Kev ONeil gives his reaction to Gillian ONeil's Red Herring Presentation in Los Angeles
moviecom views : 127
times square
Times Square is such an amazing vibe. loving the atmosphere and visuals effects
moviecom views : 54
Stars are Aligning
The Chinese Theater, Hollywood and the Stars are aligning for, today we met some amazing people, and our presentation was awesome.
moviecom views : 176
Gillian at google io12
Gillian at google io12 today
moviecom views : 35
Big News for
We're off to LA as finalists of the Red Herring Global 100 awards!!
moviecom views : 409
Gillian & Laura arrive at Red Herring
Gillian & Laura arrive at Red Herring for presentaion
moviecom views : 185
Meeting at Googleplex with YouTube
The team meet with YouTube at Googleplex - exciting times lie ahead!!
moviecom views : 184
#ukti networking at the Norwood Club
Tonight we were here networking with NYC entrepreneurs and the team from #uktidm
moviecom views : 53
National Mechanics party
Tonight in Philadelphia we went to a private party at National Mechanic, cool trendy place.
moviecom views : 46
driving across Golden Gate
TURN SOUND DOWN, wind background noise. We drove across Golden Gate bridge today, fantastic sights.
moviecom views : 296
Ali McGill testimonial
FW Accounting's Managing Director Ali McGill talks about his channel
moviecom views : 105
Team highlights
We took out our fabulous interns, Jennifer and Collette out for lunch and everyone gave a run down of their weeks highs.
moviecom views : 101
Comcast reception video screen
inside reception of Comcast and their amazing video screen
moviecom views : 40
Bleecker St, Greenwich Village NYC
We take an hour out to reflect on our day with the team at #uktidm, before our networking event tonight.
moviecom views : 43
What's happening at MCTV?
Laura gives us the lowdown on the week's events.
moviecom views : 236
WOW with WIN
Summary of tonight at the World Wide Investor Network presentation.. and a special prize if u can count the number of yellow cabs that pass behind me!
moviecom views : 222
Friday chat from Laura
Busy times as usual at - featuring ... Vodafone, Microsoft, Tartancat and NEW YORK CITY!!
moviecom views : 205
Gillian ONeil in the valley
Needed somewhere to check in with friends and family so where better than....
moviecom views : 49
Painted Ladies SF
A WINDY DAY, sound gets distorted!! Gillian and Laura talk about the last couple of days in SF, with the amazing backdrop of the painted ladies and views of the city.
moviecom views : 135
Captain Awesome!
We have completed our trip to NYC with a fantastic presentation. A big thanks to the World Wide Investor Network for inviting us to present.
moviecom views : 101
Comcast Philly
We arrived in Philadelphia today and went to Comcast and got a fantastic presentation
moviecom views : 56
UKTI meet up
Our meet up with the companies taking part in the UKTI events in NYC #uktidm
moviecom views : 107
Kevoneil in philadelphia
Ukti in philadelphia on digital mission with
moviecom views : 125
moviecom lucky strike
We prepared for our presentation in Lucky Strike, soho NYC tonight. Gillian sums up the day
moviecom views : 75
Consulate General Breakfast
Breakfast at the Consulate General
moviecom views : 46
UKTI meet up NYC
Gillian O'Neil after our first meet up with the companies taking part in the UKTI mission
moviecom views : 59
Times Square stand out
Gillian managed to stand out in Times Square, before our mission with Reuters.
moviecom views : 124 and 29studios at procurex
Beginning of the day at Procurex Scotland 2011
moviecom views : 83
News from Los Angeles
Watch the latest news from Los Angeles Red Herring Awards, City of the Stars
moviecom views : 1835
Moviecom presenting in NYC
Gillian overview in pitch night in manhattan.
moviecom views : 137
Top of the Empire State
Our private tour allowed us to visit the top of The Empire State Building.
moviecom views : 49
Office Space at Empire State Building
Today we were guests of The Empire State Building. The team gave us a guided tour of the available space for businesses to rent. #uktidm
moviecom views : 74
Manhattan day 10
Another amazing day checking out new York business
moviecom views : 52
3 Times Square Reuters
our first meeting today at Reuters 3 Times Square with uktidm
moviecom views : 59
Author Paul Greenberg talks
Best-selling author & founder of The 56 Group Paul Greenberg talks about the power of video in todays business world &
moviecom views : 409
meeting at the Bay SF
our meeting today at the Bayside San Francisco.
moviecom views : 134 at Social Media Week
Laura from takes to the stage as part of the Business Banter event at Social Media Week Glasgow.
moviecom views : 554
Passion: The Secret Ingredient To Success
Follow your passion courtesy of Addicted2Success
moviecom views : 533
iPhone 5 Concept Features
Amazing Concept iPhone 5. This CG iPhone 5 has advanced iPhone features such as a sleeker iPhone design, a laser keyboard & holographic display all rolled into this iPhone 5 video.
moviecom views : 646 after techhub night
Great night at techhub, super start up companies to watch.
moviecom views : 794
Gillian at Covent garden
Featuring kaltura, megavideo and teamly!
moviecom views : 379
employee of the week
Laura has been a STAR at this week, so we thought she deserved this drink, especially as it's our one day of summer. .
moviecom views : 762
Love Glasgow, Love Online Video
Walking home on Thursday 2nd June 2011..after a great meal at Brunswick Cafe. It's a wonderful sunny evening and an amazing week at and
moviecom views : 480
Online Video is Required
The internet is no longer a text based medium. It's about delivering video.
moviecom views : 773
Mark Zuckerberg on how to be successful
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg speaks about how to be successful. Zuckerberg spoke March 25th, 2011 at a Tech Forum at Brigham Young University's Marriott Center
moviecom views : 1044
Zuckerberg Power of the Internet
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg speaks about how Facebook and the internet have changed the way people communicate. Zuckerberg spoke March 25th, 2011 at a Tech Forum at Brigham Young University's Marriott Center
moviecom views : 1093
Here's to the crazy ones
Here's to the crazy ones is one of the most inspirational videos that I've came across.
moviecom views : 1652
Meeting in London Covent garden, Teamly meets
moviecom views : 489
Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement
Drawing from some of the most pivotal points in his life, Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams and see the opportunities in life's setbacks including death itself
moviecom views : 1208
What is
The Video Social Network is launching live, learn more now.
moviecom views : 764
Social Media Revolution
The Social Media Revolution is here to stay. Amazing facts & figures.
moviecom views : 988
The Importance of Online Video
The Importance of Online Video: As more and more customers are searching specifically for video content, featuring custom made videos on your webiste is an increasingly popular way to present your business in a more dynamic way. Watch our video for more even more compelling reasons why video is right for your business.
moviecom views : 1061
Cisco Online Video
Video is everywhere and it is growing. What's the future? Why should you care? Watch this explanation fit for a four year old. Every minute an average of 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube!
moviecom views : 1181
There Are No Shortcuts
Mark Zuckerberg's speech to the graduating 8th graders at Belle Haven Community School in Menlo Park, CA. Recorded on June 8, 2011. Telling the audience to work hard, there are no shortcuts
moviecom views : 753
What people think?
Listen to our clients' thoughts on from all industry sectors.
moviecom views : 696
Laura's video #ff on location
Video Blog right after GERA "let business flourish" event.
moviecom views : 814
Client testimonial - talks about and why every business should engage with our platform and also make money
moviecom views : 1274
Moviecom team try out Pinto Glasgow and 29studios check out the menu at Pinto glasgow
moviecom views : 401
@kevoneil #ff video blog
My follow Friday video blog on 25th Feb 2011. mentions to @duffwilma @philbegnett @dfscot @Craig_McKenna
moviecom views : 814
Social Media Revolution 3
Based on #1 International Best Selling Socialnomics by Erik Qualman this is the latest in the most watch social media series in the world.
moviecom views : 750
The Near Future
This video is simply fantastic, and it highlights how everything is becoming interactive, with video at the heart of your day.
moviecom views : 1585
Laura's Video #followfriday
A video round up of some of our superstar vloggers from this week.
moviecom views : 695
Future of Video 1
Profound changes are upon us, especially as it pertains to how we consume television, use the Internet, and communicate. The entire video eco-system -- from the studios where content is created, to the wired and wireless broadband networks that carry it, to the many types of Internet-connected screens that can display it -- all of it is in an unprecedented state of change. Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior discusses her vision for the future of video.
moviecom views : 1086
#ff video blog 11th March 2011
Today my #ff vblog includes @niallmcgill, @sc0ttmarshall, @bloomvc, @gaapstudio & @Dave_A_Davidson - follow them all
moviecom views : 811 STARS! - thanks
Today 1st March 2011 we sent out over 1,000 usernames to all our STARS! Thank-you so much for all your support. And we hope you enjoy the video blogging revolution.
moviecom views : 678 at procurex
David Lai filming at procurex
moviecom views : 691
Video Blog YOUR Day
Wednesday 2nd March 2011 - Today the team at head off for Fife for another filming project. Meanwhile the fantastic team at prepare for another exciting day. Why not download our FREE iphone app & start video blogging YOUR day.
moviecom views : 582 at procurex
Laura Grant exhibiting at procurex with
moviecom views : 680
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